Swiss Society of Toxicology - Bylaws

  • 1. Name
    The name of the society is registered in „Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Toxikologie“ (SGT).
    The society is an association according to art. 60 ff. of the ZGB (civil code). 
    This association is a society of the holding organization “Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Pharmakologie und Toxikologie“ (SGPT) and was according to its bylaws founded in 2005. 

  • 2. Intention
    The intention of the society is:     
    - Promotion of research and use of toxicological expertise with the aim of health protection of humans and animals as well as the environment.
    - Promotion of education and training in the field of toxicology.
    - Exchange of experience and ideas
    - Representation of professional matters of toxicologists, being active in Switzerland
    - Collaboration with corresponding societies in foreign countries.

  • 3. Public Utility
    The Swiss Society of Toxicology pursues solely a non-profit purpose and is acting altruistically.
    Means of the society may be used only for constitution purposes.
    The members do not receive allowances from means of the society.
    Nobody should be favored by expenditures which are not congruent to the purpose of the society or by disproportionately high remuneration.
    In the case of dissolution the fortune of the society goes to the Swiss Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

  • 4. Membership
    The Swiss Society of Toxicology has regular members, members of honor and subscribing members.
    Regular members can be scientists with final university education. In exceptional cases, candidate without a final university education can be admitted as members once they provide evidence of experience / expertise in toxicology.
    The executive board decides on all applications of admission.
    The general meeting determines the annual subscription for the regular members for the following financial year.
    Every member, liable for contributions is obliged to pay the contribution during the current year.
    The membership ends by withdrawal, exclusion or by death.
    The membership can be revoked at any time to the year end in writing. Paid membership dues are not returned.
    Non-payment of the contribution despite double reminder is equated with a withdrawal explanation. This will be announced to the member.
    The exclusion of a member can be ordered by the executive board after an informal hearing of the member concerned, if it damaged the interests of the society seriously.
    An appeal against the conclusion is permissible, if submitted within a month after the decision of the executive board.
    The general meeting decides on the complaint with simple majority.
    The regular members are entitled to vote and are electable.
    Members or personalities, who rendered special services to toxicology, can be appointed to members of honor by the general meeting.
    Members of honor do not pay annual subscriptions.
    Persons as well as private and public associations, who support the goals of the society, can be admitted as promotion members by the executive board.
    The amount of the promotion contribution is determined by the executive board in agreement with the promoted member. Promoted members are neither entitled to vote nor electable.
    Retired members can be released from paying contribution on request.
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  • 5. Organs of the society
    Organs of the society are:
    - executive board
    - general meeting

  • 6. Executive Board
    The executive board consists of: 

    - President 
    - Vice-President 
    - Secretary 
    - Treasurer 
    - Advisory Board (four members) 
    - Delegate of the Swiss Register of Toxicologists

    The election of the board members takes place in the ordinary general meeting with simple majority. The election can take place secretly if a member requires.
    The period of appointment of the elected board members amounts to two years. Re-election is possible.
    The president as well as a further representative (usually the secretary) have a seat on the executive board of the Swiss Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology.
    The vice-president soll principally be available for election to president. This procedure should guarantee that the continuity in the leadership of the society is warranted.
    The executive board coordinates with the Swiss Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology.
    The president is an official member of the supervisory board of the Swiss Register of Toxicologists.

  • 7. General meeting
    At least once a year a statutory meeting of the members is to be called up by the executive board. The invitation must take place in writing at least 4 weeks before the intended date and contain the agenda.
    An extraordinary meeting of the members is to be called up by the executive board, if required by the interest of the society or by a tenth of the members in writing under indication of the purpose and the reasons.
    In the general meeting the following affairs are to be treated:

    - Annual Report of the president
    - Financial statement of the past calendar year and the setting of membership dues for the coming calendar year.
    - Discharge of the executive board
    -Election of a delegate to the Swiss Register of Toxicologists
    - Election of two finance controllers
    - Adoption of resolutions on conference topics and location, appointment of honour members, amendments of the by-laws as well as memberships in other associations.

    Suggestions and requests for the general meeting are to be submitted to the executive board 2 weeks before the date of the general meeting in writing.
    The general meeting adopts its resolutions in principle with the simple majority of the present members. Amendments of the by-laws require a two-thirds majority.
    The dissolution of the society can only be decided with three-quarters majority of the present members.
    The meeting must be minuted and the minutes are to be signed by the president and the secretary.

    Approved by the Annual General Meeting on November 11, 2010

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