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    All information and explanations of these internet sites are non-committal. The SST does not take over guarantee for the correctness and completeness of contents. There is neither taken over warranty nor assured product feature.

    Errors in contents are corrected immediately after notification. The contents of the internet sites cannot be permanently current by time-delayed update. Therefore please contact us for conditions, technical details and deliverability of the products and services. Links to other internet sites are not permanently controlled. Therefore we do not take over responsibility for the content of linked sites. 

  • Download of data and software 
    The SST does not take over guarantee for correctness of data and software, which can be downloaded from internet sites. The software is examined by the SST for virus infection. We recommend nevertheless to check data and software after downloading for virus infection by using the latest virus search software. 

  • Copyrights and other special protection rights 
    The contents of these internet sites are protected in copyright. Only one copy of the internet site information may be saved on just one computer for a non-commercial and personal internal use only. Diagrams, texts, logos, pictures etc. are only to be downloaded, multiplied, copied, changed, published, sent, transferred or used in other form after written permission of the SST. Mentioned products and company names can concern registered trade marks or marks. The unauthorized use can lead to claims for damages and requirements for omission. 

  • Protection of personal data and privacy 
    It cannot be guaranteed that information or personal data, transferred to us, is not „taped“ during the transmission by third parties. 

  • Liability 
    The SST is not responsible for damage in particular not for direct or indirect damages, data loss, missed profit, failure of system or production, resulting from using these internet sites or downloading data.If there is an intention or a gross negligence regarding a resulted damage using these internet sites or downloading data, the non-liability does not apply. 

  • Explanations regarding data security 
    As a rule all internet sites can be uploaded without giving personal data. 
    If your name, your address or other personal data is required in individual cases, then you will be advised beforehand. 

    Your personal data will be used to arrange and improve the service for your personal benefit. If you decide on leaving personal data to the SST via internet in order to handle correspondence or orders, the SST will deal with your data confidentially. 

    If internet sites are uploaded, the SST receives usage data, saved for safety purposes and permits possibly an identification (for example IP address, date, time and used sites). This data is evaluated by the SST , in order to learn to know the users behavior and set up statistics. No personal utilization takes place. The statistic evaluation of anonymous data records remains reserved. 

  • Security 
    The SGT saves your data on particularly protected servers. The access is only possible for a few SST-authorized persons, who are concerned with the technical, commercial or editorial support of these servers. 

  •  Power of revocation 
    If you request the SST not to use and/or delete your personal data for further contacts, then one proceeds accordingly. Data, which is compellingly necessary for the job execution and/or for commercial purposes, is not affected by a notification and/or of a deletion. Please understand that in case of revocation the personalized service cannot be provided any longer, since it builds up to the customer data use. 

  • Usage of Cookies 
    Text information are collected in cookies during an on-line meeting and saved on a special file in ASCII format (cookie.txt) on the non-removable disk of the user. The WWW-browser controls where the cookies are saved with the user. Cookies are information, which are sent back with the next on-line visit to the server. In each case they can only be read by the server, which saved them beforehand. 

    The SST uses cookies only if they are urgently necessary for user functions and/or facilitate the navigation of the websites. The information is not given to third parties, since cookies are only used for above mentioned purposes. Most browser are adjusted in order that they accept cookies automatically. This function can be deactivated however at any time in the browser. You can adjust your browser in such a way that it announces the sending of cookies. 

  • Links to other websites 
    The websites contain, if applicable, links to other websites. The SST has neither influence on the editorial content of foreign websites nor on the operators following the data protection regulations. 

  • Advertising 
    As a rule web pages do not contain advertising surfaces. In the opposite case the distribution of the advertisement is made by external AdServers. The data seized in connection with on-line advertisement (AdImpressions, AdKlicks) is exclusively used for statistics evaluations and for reportings to advertising customers. No personal data is used. With the distribution of advertisement, cookies can possibly be used without influence of the SST.

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